Tomsk holidays
Express-Russian language course "Tomsk Holidays" is intensive training in speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing for 6 weeks.
Training in small groups for 6 hours: speaking practice, grammar
Additional video lectures
Individual speech practice with native speakers
What awaits you?
Practicing real speech situations with tutors
Online and offline excursions in Tomsk
Group and individual projects in Russian
The course includes two stages
The first step3 weeks of intensive training in Russian grammar in an online format based on a course in the Moodle system.
  • Short lectures with examples
  • Interactive tasks
  • Real speech situations
  • Training is accompanied by teachers and tutors
Result: solid grammatical base, overcoming the language barrier
The second stage 3 weeks in the scientific center of Siberia - the city of Tomsk, which is called Siberian Athens.
  • Consolidation of communication skills and grammatical material
  • A rich cultural program: excursions and master classes, participation in Russian speaking club
  • Acquaintance with a unique city - one of the cultural and youth centers of Russia
Result: consolidation of grammatical base and communication skills
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"Tomsk Holidays" is your new level of Russian language proficiency. Check it out now!
Assistant, Department of Russian Language
Assistant, Department of Russian Language
Associate Professor, Department of Russian Language
Anastasia Andreevna Polyakova
Christina Mikhailovna Zeiser
Elena Alexandrovna Barakina
The teachers
Leading experts in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language
Lyudmila Andreevna Dubtsova
Associate Professor, Department of Russian Language
Daria Alekseevna Pavlova
Assistant, Department of Russian Language
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